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The Best Way to Celebrate a Birthday

I have to say the best thing I did for my 30th birthday party was renting a party bus. I went online to find a great deal. I did an internet search for party bus for Toronto good deals and that is when I found your website. I guess you could say I was not looking forward to this birthday. I was recently divorced and turning 30 was not a good thing in my book. I was no longer young and in my twenties, I was going to be 30 and getting old. I remember when my sister turned 30 and her friends threw her a black birthday party and it was horrible.

Up until a few weeks before my birthday I had decided not to even celebrate my birthday, until I heard about a guy in our office talk about how they had a party bus for his bachelor party a few years ago. Apparently it was so much fun they were still talking about it years later. So after talking to my sister and a couple of friends I decided why shouldn’t I celebrate my upcoming birthday.

Thanks to your website I was easily able to see what you offered in the way of party buses and limos. I called right away and was able to get exactly what I was looking for. Now all I had to do was contact a few friends and wait for the big day.The night of my birthday I was so excited because I was able to still have fun like I was in my twenties. We were able to enjoy the party bus and not have to worry about driving to each location we wanted to go to. Thank you for helping me make my 30th birthday the best birthday yet. I am sure in the future I will be calling you again.

Amazing Girls’ Weekend in Toronto

Before last year I had never been out of the country. If I am being completely honest, I hadn’t even been out of my home state. The people that know me would say I was a very sheltered person. That all changed when I had a crazy, fun weekend with some pals in Toronto.

It was my sister’s thirtieth birthday and she wanted to have a lavish celebration that included taking a Diamond Toronto party bus rental to a hot, trendy new club in her boyfriend’s home city. I was a little overwhelmed to be in charge of the planning, since I had very little experience with planning parties or with how to get any of the other things done. The easiest part by far was getting the party bus. Continue reading

Rich in History and Fair Prices

If you’re considering the English countryside for your vacation destination English country cottages, you may wish to consider a pleasant Queenstown Holiday House as they are the perfect choice for your stay. Unlike hotels, cottages allow for an authentic English countryside holiday, immersing you in the charm and mystique of the country as you literally become part of the experience. As compared to staying in hotels for your vacation, English country cottages can make the difference between a good vacation and a great one.There are countless reasons why staying in a cottage is a better choice than a hotel. For those travelers who come to the English countryside, authenticity is often an important factor in their vacation. Continue reading